Dynamic modeling to SUPPORT Biodversity Conservation, Ecosystem Health and sustainability

Environmental changes and human impacts are pressing concerns for ecosystem management. To understand the impacts of such disturbance on sustainability, a high diversity of data has been collected, ranging from regular monitoring programs conducted by government agencies and research institutes, fishery-dependent and -independent surveys, to citizen science. In this workshop, we aim to introduce cutting-edge methodologies for analyzing and modelling such data. The application of these methods in real ecosystems allows for a mechanistic understanding of different scenarios of biodiversity change with management implications.

9:00 Welcome Coffee

9:15 Opening remarks

Patrick Caron, MAK’IT Director
Chih-Hao Hsieh (Zac), 2023-2024 MAK’IT Fellow.

9:30 Session 1 Modeling approaches for understanding climate change impacts on plankton diversity

Sergio Vallina: Modelling the ecology & evolution of marine plankton at the global ocean using continuous-trait functions

Guillaume Le Gland: France Phytoplankton adaptive resilience to climate change collapses in case of extreme events – A modelling study

10:40 Coffee break

11:00 Session 2 Analytical approaches for complex data

Chih-Hao Hsieh (Zac): Constructing time-varying interactions for large communities using time series data

Lucía López: Topological structure of marine communities: potential versus realized networks

Marco Scotti: Loop analysis to model the impacts of multiple stress factors on marine ecosystems’ functioning

12:30 Lunch break

14:00 Session 3 Applications and management implications

Jessica Junker: EuropaBON: Pioneering a Robust European Biodiversity Monitoring Network

Hsiao-Hang Tao: Track changes in the stability of North Sea cod over time and across spaceta

Manuel Hidalgo: Opportunities and needs of network analyses in benthopelagic marine communities

Orlane Anneville: Lacustrine Ecosystem Management: for better or for worse

Stanislas Rigal: Farmland practices are driving bird population decline across Europe

16:20 Coffee break

16:40 Panel 4

Behzad Mostaji: Title to be confirmed

Zoé Eglaine: Title to be confirmed

16:40 Juan-Carlos Molinero Concluding remarks: leveraging data mining and
dynamic modeling to support sustainability