Four Calls for applications

Fellowships for top international researchers in all disciplines to join the University of Montpellier are the hallmark of the MAK’IT Institute. These fellowships are funded on the basis of various eligibility criteria to support the international research collaboration and the interdisciplinary dialogue between sciences in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

Our fellowships at MAK’IT bring together key researchers from around the world to engage with the emblematic university community in the fields of agriculture and food, the environment and health. More than just a career stepping stone, these sabbatical opportunities build on academic freedom and are important milestones in building cross-disciplinary collaborations around transitions, and advancing the frontiers of knowledge, far from the constraints of academic life.

Come to Montpellier as a visiting scientist!

Two calls for applications are directly managed by the MAK’IT Institute for the selection of candidates by our Scientific Council:

The 2024-2025 call is closed and the next round is expected in August 2024.

The 2024-2025 call is currently closed.

Two calls for applications are managed by partners of the MAK’IT Institute:

The call is closed and the next application is expected in summer 2024.

The call is closed and the next application is expected in spring 2024.

Eligibility criteria vary for each fellowship, and we invite you to discover which call is right for you to come to Montpellier and benefit from a dynamic research environment in the South of France. We are looking for research fellows. Apply now!