From raising the alarm to saving the planet: science mobilizes

with Carlos ALVAREZ PEREIRA, Secretary General of The Club of Rome

Exchange: What to expect from science?

  • Locally: Michael Delafosse, Maire de Montpellier (tbc)
  • Nationwide: Ruy López Ridaura, Vice ministre mexicain de la santé (tbc)
  • Worldwide: Gerda Verburg, ex- United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, ex-Minister of Agriculture of the Netherlands

Exchange: How to make scientific knowledge “actionable”?

  • Food and sustainable development: Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, Chair of the High-Level Panel of Experts of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (HLPE-FSN)
  • Health and sustainable development: Thomas Mettenleiter, Co-Chairman of the One Health High Level Expert Group (OHHLEP)
  • Biodiversity and sustainable development: Sandra Diaz, professor of ecology and one of the world’s top 1% researchers   
  • Climat et développement durable: Heide Hackmann, co-chair of a recent UN report on the links between climate change and the MDGs (tbc)

Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, President of CGIAR,
Philippe Augé, President of the University of Montpellier.

The Montpellier Process will discuss pathways to effectively pool the collective intelligence of major assessment panels, including global ones in the sectors of environment, climate, food and health, for purposes of driving local and national transformations. The event organized  in Montpellier from 18-20 March 2024 will gather members of international Expert Panels to address the intertwined challenges of sustainable development, with an initial focus on food systems. It will bridge the Science-Policy divide for urgent and compelling action at local, national and global levels. It is organized by the University of Montpellier and its national academic partners and CGIAR.